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Screen grab from the Quick Guide to Content Outsourcing pdf

Have you ever tried to create of an independent journalism agency while maintaining an active freelance career? Hahaha! Yeah, I laugh to hide the pain, lots and lots of painful pain. The good news? That pain investment is about to pay. You see, the agency’s processes are packaged and priced, the new website is functional, and our online “broadcast” system is in place. It’s time to launch!

We’d launch next week, but mid August isn’t exactly known for being the best time to catch the attention of business folk. So we’re holding fire until the day after Labor Day. In the mean time we’ll be developing relationships and polishing our online presence. Gotta look sharp for the big day. Ohhh, I’m so excited.

Did someone mention pain? What pain?



Screen grab of Boston Sport's Then and Now blog, which is managed by Blogapalooza organizer Joe Gill

Successful sports blogger Joe Gill can add successful blogging event promoter to his CV. Joe put on his second Boston Sports Blogapalooza at the Baseball Tavern in the Fenway yesterday. Billed as a networking opportunity for Boston’s sports blogger community, the event brought together the legacy media like Comcast Sports Net ( and the foot soldiers of the new media with over one hundred bloggers in attendance. The bar definitely helped to loosen up the crowd for some enthusiastic participation in the networking sessions, panel discussions, swag raffles, and live entertainment.

Pixelwiremedia got involved with Joe’s event through our involvement with Kevin Youkilis’ Hits for Kids charity. Kevin’s charity was a beneficiary of the event and charity staffer Casey Mosca sat on the social media panel. Naturally, we’d want to get that covered, so I was glad when Joe approached me about attending.

Joe is high energy. He is almost as enthusiastic about the possibilities of the new media as he is passionate about the past present and future of Boston’s sports. When he combines the two he creates a lot of buzz. I’m going to let the movie or movies that we produce from the event speak for themselves, a big part of the edits will be the interview that I did with Joe. If you’re a fan of sports or social media, you’ll want to see and hear Joe do his thing.

In the mean time I just want to thank all of the great bloggers who took the time to do on camera  interviews for Pixelwiremedia. Boston is a great sports town, and these new media writers are truly adding insightful and unique perspectives to the conversations we Boston sports nuts are having on a daily basis. Thanks Boston Sports Bloggers!  – Jack


Screen grab of the revolutionary iPhone 4 from the Apple website

The new iPhone 4 officially went on sale yesterday. This machine is truly worthy of the cliche, “Game Changer”.


Screen capture of BNI's homepage

You know the old saying, “it’s hard to get a haircut over the phone,” because a haircut is an activity that requires your physical presence. That’s the way its been with business referrals for a long time. Building a network of trusted business contacts was just something you did face to face. That’s why I became involved with the business networking organization BNI.

The BNI referral system features a weekly meeting where each member is given 60 secs to educate the other members about their business and to ask for referrals. Referrals only happen when members establish trust in each other. Members get to know each other through participation in the the weekly group meetings and through individual 1 to 1 meetings.

My participation in BNI has strengthened my belief that social media is the “online haircut” of relationship building for business. Obviously nothing can replicate the experience of face to face contact, but most of the benefits achieved through personal relationship building, can now be achieved through social media. The added bonus with social media is it’s enormous potential reach. All without the hassle of having going to the barber. -Jack


24x36 inch poster collage, created from a National Geographic article, that hangs in my studio

I have devoted a wall in my studio to the history of the visual image. It helps me put my work in perspective. It’s a place of reverence and inspiration for me. The collage above, which I cobbled together from an August 2001 National Geographic article, hangs there on the wall in glorious 24″x36″ poster size. Something things just gotta have a little size to them. Read the rest of this entry »