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WARNING: Location cut quality! This clip was used on location for picture display purposes only. Not a finished edit. Posted here as a sneak peak.

The 2010 Oscar Night Boston party thrown by the Ellie Fund and held at the Boston Langham Hotel was amazing. We covered the event for the Ellie Fund, and we had a blast.

The first thing we did was set up a Chroma Key photography set and digital print lab for the fundraiser photos. Guests making a $15 donation had their picture taken holding Chris Cooper’s Oscar, and we made them a 5×7 glossy print right on the spot. In previous years we used a strobe kit to light the set for the Oscar event, but since we’ve transitioned to continuous florescent for our location work, we were able to bathe Ol’ Oscar and his lovely guests with beautiful cool white light. Read the rest of this entry »


Chroma key background for 2010 Oscar Night Boston

Red carpets, gold statues, papparazi, glamor, fashion, and the thrill of seeing and being seen on a Sunday evening in the month of March. Ahhh, that could mean only one thing, Oscar Night, and only one place, Hollywood, right? Wrong!

Well, half wrong anyway. All that and then some is happening right here in New England. Specifically it’s all happening at the Langham Hotel in Boston this Sunday, as the hotel once again plays home to the only official Oscar Night party in the region. Hosted by the Ellie Fund, this is one heck of a night out, and Pixelwiremedia will be there again this year to cover all the action.

I look forward to this event every year. Sure it’s a great party and all, but it’s also a great fund raiser for a great charity, The Ellie Fund. Learn more about The Ellie Fund here at their website. One insight into the charity that you won’t find there, I feel compelled to share here, because the woman can’t simply be given enough credit.

I got hooked on the Ellie Fund when its Executive Director Julie Nations ran into us when we were printing greenscreen photos at a trade show a few years back. Julie is one of those force of nature types that are very hard to say no to. Julie brings such an infectious enthusiasm to her cause that she simply can’t be resisted by most mortals, certainly not by this one. The Ellie Fund is lucky to have her, and I’m lucky to work with her when I can. Thanks Julie, we’ll see you Sunday.

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