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Thank you to the great bunch of folks who attended the HDSLR class at Calumet Photo Boston today. Calumet has made a real committment to training, and I was honored to be a part of it.

We did some filming of the class with our own hdslr’s, and I will post up an edit asap. If you attended the class, and are looking for more info, please send me an email.

I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks again! -Jack


Simple Illustration of Wire Service for website.


Screen Grab of the recently updated Youtube.

I posted up a screen grab of the Youtube channel a few days ago. I just wanted to post an image that illustrated a quick and easy way to customize the look of your channel, in order to show it to someone. Now only four days old that screen grab illustrates the differences made by the brand new update to Youtube, and of course , it also illustrates the change that I made to the background tile’s opacity.

You can read some slightly sarcastic comments about the changes here and here . This link will take you to the Youtube blog post on the subject. At the time of this writing there are over 1800 comments on the post. All the ones I saw were uncomplimentary to say the least. Every bodies got an opinion.

I kind of liked the changes. I think it is a cleaner look overall, and it’s much easier to go back and forth between your account page and the channel page, which is nice when you have to make a lot of changes. This will make setting up a page from scratch less time consuming and more intuitive, but hey what do I know.

I guess that I’ll just have to read some more blog posts in order to know what to think. -Jack